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Sulawesi Indonesia


Toraja Special Funeral Rambu Solo Ceremony

upacara rambu solo tana toraja
Funeral Ceremony ProcessionDeath PerfectionNot Dead, but IllTana Toraja is indeed famous with its unique culture. One of them is the funeral ceremony called Rambu Solo. Rambu Solo is funeral procession... 

Cliff Climbing At “Batu Dinding Kilo Tiga”

Batu Dinding Kilo Tiga
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket PriceFacility and AccommodationThere are many tourism places that you can visit in Sulawesi Island. Some of them offer outdoor activities sport, or an extreme sport like rafting. But... 

Peace Hill, Love Hill (Bukit Kasih)

Tour Object Love Hill (Bukit kasih) North Sulawesi
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket priceFacility and accommodationSulawesi society in common and minahasa people especially, practiced a motto in their daily life. The motto is “Torang Samua Ba’saudara”, which means, “we’re all family”.... 

Poso Lake, a White Sandy Lake

Lake Poso, Central Sulawesi
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket priceFacility and accommodationCommonly,you meet white sand in beach shore. But this time, you can meet white sand in the edge of a lake. Poso Lake which located in... 

Tempe Lake, Sulawesi’s Ancient Lake

Tempe Lake, Sulawesi’s Ancient Lake
Collision of Earth PlateBiological RichnessCultureTempe Lake is a name of the second biggest lake in Sulawesi Island. There’s no information yet about the origin name ‘tempe’ for this lake and... 

Kaghati, World’s First Kite

Kaghati, World’s First Kite
Wolfgang ResearchLeave SheetThe Kaghati FameDo you know that till 1997, China is the inventor of world’s first kite? This china’s kite predictably existed in China since 2800 years ago, and... 
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Sulawesi Island Tourism

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About Sulawesi Indonesia

sulawesi indonesia Welcome to GoCelebes.com! A website that provides complete instructions on tourism of the Sulawesi island, Indonesia, from the info on tourist attractions such as Bunaken, Makassar, and Manado, until Bugis and Toraja culture. Sulawesi is the 11th biggest island in the world who are in the middle of the Borneo and the Maluku Islands.

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