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The Beauty Of Bunaken National Sea Park

Bunaken National Sea Park

Bunaken National Sea Park is an area of 75,265 hectares. There are 5 islands included in this national sea park, which are Naen, Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen and Mantehage Island, along with small islands around it. Local people live here are about 21,000 people.

Bunaken Island, North SulawesiGeographically, Bunaken Island is in Golden Triangle water area. More than 3000 species can be found here. Golden Triangle is a sea route which link Philippine, Papua, and Indonesian sea. Because of Bunaken’s natural abundance, national and international non governmental organization has been cooperating in conserving the mangrove and coral reefs.

Local government of Manado, has a plan to make Bunaken as maritime and education tour object, after they see sea conservation activities here. Hence, in 1991, the Marine minister has officially declared it as Bunaken National Sea Park.

Tour Object

When tourist comes to visit Manado, North Sulawesi, they won’t forget to visit Bunaken National Sea Park, because Bunaken is the most famous tour object.

Bunaken is approximately 8 km2 which located in Manado Bay. Around Bunaken, there’s also sea park which also part of Manado Tua National Park. Bunaken is the highest biodiversity sea park in the world. Hence, many tourists come to dive around Bunaken area. Though the area is 75,265 hectares, the diving site is limited. It’s only in beaches, which surround the five islands in Bunaken National Sea Park area.

clown fish, Bunaken IslandThere are 40 diving spots in Bunaken which have various kinds of coral reefs and beautiful tropical fishes. Tourist, who dives around Bunaken, will be served by the view of 150 species of fishes from 58 fish genus and coral reefs.

Bunaken national sea park has 20 diving spot with various depths. From those 20 spots, 12 spots are in Bunaken Island and become the most visited diving spot by local or foreign divers.

Bunaken diving spots are line up from south east to northwest side. In this area, there’s a giant, vertical and arching coral wall. This wall becomes food source for fishes and other sea creatures.


Bunaken is located in Sulawesi Island Sea. Most of Bunaken National Sea Park is in north Manado bay which also an administration part of Manado city, north Sulawesi.


To reach Bunaken National Sea Park, tourist can use available transportations means, which is motor boat from Manado Bay beach.

Ticket Price

Ticket price of Bunaken National Sea Park is IDR 50,000/person for 1x entry, and IDR 150,000/ person, valid for a year. If you bought the 1 year ticket, you’ll be given kind of plastic badge as a ticket replacement.

Facility and Accommodation

Some hotels accommodation is already available in Bunaken with many choices. Some hotels near Bunaken National Sea Park which are recommended are Bunaken Island Dive Resort and Bunaken Divers Sea Breeze Resort. Those hotels are in Bunaken Island. There are also diving equipment rental, along with the instructor. The instructor can speak English, Dutch, French, and German.

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