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Sulawesi Indonesia


Serat Orchid (Diplocaulobium utile)

Diplocaubium utile
Do you (Indonesian citizen) still remember with this stamp? For you who don’t know it, the stamp was published in around 1997 and became one of stamp collections in Indonesia.... 

“Black helmet” The Maleo Bird

Maleo Bird Central Sulawesi
Here’s another of Indonesia’s fauna richness. For a glance, it looks like a chicken, and indeed this animal is a kind of poultry. And why does it amazing? Beside the... 

Otanaha Fort Gorontalo

Otanaha Fort Sulawesi
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket PriceFacility and AccommodationOtanaha fort was built as defense fort by king ilato in 1522 ad, with initiative from portuguese captains which docked in gorontalo harbor. The fort is... 

The Beauty Of Bunaken National Sea Park

Bunaken National Sea Park
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket PriceFacility and AccommodationBunaken National Sea Park is an area of 75,265 hectares. There are 5 islands included in this national sea park, which are Naen, Bunaken, Manado Tua,... 

Saluopa Waterfall and Tropical Forest

Panorama of Sauopa waterfall, central sulawesi
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket PriceFacility and AccommodationOne of interesting tour objects in central Sulawesi is Saluopa Waterfall. This waterfall is also known as Saluopa Water Slide. This waterfall has 12 levels and... 

Black Sand of Lombang-Lombang Beach

Lombang-lombang beach at Mamuju
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket PriceFacility and AccommodationMamuju has beach line which spread for about 415 km. this beach line is located in the west coast of Sulawesi. One of beaches included in... 

Sulawesi Island Tourism

Had never been to the Sulawesi island? Some of the following article might help you.

About Sulawesi Indonesia

sulawesi indonesia Welcome to GoCelebes.com! A website that provides complete instructions on tourism of the Sulawesi island, Indonesia, from the info on tourist attractions such as Bunaken, Makassar, and Manado, until Bugis and Toraja culture. Sulawesi is the 11th biggest island in the world who are in the middle of the Borneo and the Maluku Islands.

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