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Tourism and Destination of Sulawesi Island of Indonesia

Sulawesi Indonesia

Tourism Places

Various tourist attractions are located on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Manakarra Beach, Mamuju Bay

sunset at Manakarra beach, west sulawesi
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket PriceFacility and AccommodationManakarra beach area is one of tour objects in Mamuju city, capital city of west Sulawesi. This beach is part of Mamuju bay. The bay is... 

The Off Shore Beauty of Palippis Beach

Palippis Beach West Sulawesi
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket PriceFacility and AccommodationVisiting west Sulawesi is not complete without visiting Palippis beach. The beach is located next to the public road which is a connecting road to some... 

Limboto Lake Tour At Gorontalo

Sunset at Limboto Lake, Gorontalo
Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket priceFacility and accommodationLimboto Lake is a lake with 3000 hectares wide, and becomes the estuary of Molalahu, Daenaa, Alo, Bionga, and Bone Bolango rivers. This lake is located... 

The Charm of Linow Lake

Tour ObjectLocationAccessTicket PriceFacility and AccommodationThe changing colors and the high sulfur level are two of characteristics of Linow Lake in Sulawesi Indonesia. This lake is 34 hectares, and the changing... 

Diving At Likupang Beach

Tour objectLocationAccessTicket priceFacility and accommodationIn 1997, was found a green sea turtle in Likupang beach. The finding of the green sea turtle or Chelonia mydas has become such big news... 

The Splendor Panorama of Nambo Beach

Natural Beauty Nambo Beach
Tour ObjectLocationTicket PriceAccessFacility and Accomdation Nambo beach is located in south east Sulawesi, 12 km south side of Kendari city. It is one of favorite beaches in south east Sulawesi.... 

Sulawesi Island Tourism

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About Sulawesi Indonesia

sulawesi indonesia Welcome to GoCelebes.com! A website that provides complete instructions on tourism of the Sulawesi island, Indonesia, from the info on tourist attractions such as Bunaken, Makassar, and Manado, until Bugis and Toraja culture. Sulawesi is the 11th biggest island in the world who are in the middle of the Borneo and the Maluku Islands.

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