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Hotel and Accommodation

Hotel and Accommodations Sulawesi

Facility and infrastructure in Sulawesi Island are indeed not as many as in other tourism places, such as Bali Island, Lombok Island, and Java Island. But it doesn’t mean that the facility and infrastructure in Sulawesi is considered to be minimum. Facility and infrastructure such as bank /ATM, post office and others can be found easily in the big cities in Sulawesi.

Sulawesi area is included to be archipelago area. It’s good for you to know information about tour places in Sulawesi, because the tour destination can be in outside of the city. Many wonderful places in Sulawesi but they’re far from city center. You will need this information to manage plan/ your trip preparation.

The Village BunakenNot all of tour destinations in Sulawesi has accommodation to stay overnight around it. But there are some tour places which provide place to spend the night. The Village Bunaken for example. This hotel is located in Bunaken Island, a tourism island lies about 21 km in northwest side of Manado city. This hotel offers a place to stay the night with natural nuance. Beside it has many trees surround it, the hotel also close to the beach. You just need to walk to enjoy the beach beauty and its undersea scenery. To reach Bunaken Island from Manado city, you just need take speed boat for about 20-30 minutes of crossing. But there are only several hotels and inn which located in the tour place like this. The majority hotel and inn are in the nearest city from it. So, it’s suggested for you to stay the night in the city and go to have tour in the next day.

The same thing happened with bank facility and ATM machine. Those two facilities mostly can be found only in big cities and in the sub district centre of Sulawesi, such as Makasar, Gorontalo, Kendari, Mamuju, Manado and others.  Most of tour places in Sulawesi don’t have any bank /ATM machine, so it’s suggested for you to make cost plan while you’re in Sulawesi. And don’t have any doubt to bring some cash.

Transportation infrastructure in SulawesiThe facility and infrastructure in Sulawesi is included to be unique. Land transportation is limited only in big cities, because transportation infrastructures such as main road, especially road to connect provinces, are not really satisfying. Beside, the distance from one province to another is quite far if it’s taken by land. For example, trip from Luwuk city to Gorontalo will take much time by land, but will be more efficient if it’s taken by sea.

Besides, if you’d like to go to sightseeing in the city, the short-distanced public transport such as city bus and angkot (car that is used as public transportation) are so few. Even maybe, you won’t find it in some cities. Usually those public transports are replaced with taxi motor or pedicab. In addition, some cities in Sulawesi can be visited less than a day, because they’re not so big. Local people used the taxi motor for short trip. Usually for less than 1 km distance, will cost only IDR 5,000 and for distance 3-5 km, you will have to pay IDR 10,000-20,000.

There are also car rental if you’re visiting with friends or family. These car rentals are also available only in big cities. Usually, these cars are used to go around the city. The average rental cost is IDR 200,000-400,000 for half day, depends on your skill on bargaining. It’s suggested for you to collect info about car rental before you rent it. The rented car can also be used for trip across the provinces. Of course, the price will be more expensive.

You can get that information when you get into one of big cities in Sulawesi. Don’t hesitate to ask the local people. As info, the majority of Sulawesi people have ‘frightful’ appearance though they actually pretty friendly. Don’t hesitate to ask them info that you need and don’t be deceived by the appearance. As long as you’re nice and polite, and smile a lot, they will help you gladly.

If there’s something happen suddenly, below is the public service offices in Sulawesi:

Public Hospital

  • Public Hospital Jl. Tjulang Ujung Pandang No.10, MAKASSAR. Phone. (0411) 873695.
  • Public Hospital Region Makassar, Jl. Dr Wahidin Sudirohusodo, MAKASSAR. Phone. (0411) 880548.
  • Central Public Hospital Manado, Jl. Malalayang, MANADO. Phone. (0431) 853191.
  • Public Hospital Pancaran Kasih Gmim, Jl. Dr Sam Ratulangi No.13, MANADO. Phone. (0413) 863237.
  • Public Hospital Dr Mintardjo, Jl. Satal V Bl B-3/7 Maumbi Indah, MANADO. Phone. (0431) 812615.
  • Public Hospital Donggala District,  Jl. Tanggo, PALU. Phone. (0451) 460570.
  • Public Hospital Undata, Jl Dr Suharso No.14, Besusu, Palu Timur, PALU. Phone. (0451) 421270.
  • Public Hospital Kendari Region, JL. Doktor Ratulangi No. 151, KENDARI. Phone. (0401) 321733.
  • Public Hospital Bitung Region, Jl. Manembo-nembo, BITUNG. Phone. (0438) 38066.
  • Hospital Budi Mulia Bitung, Jl. Sam Ratulangi X/9A, BITUNG. Phone.(0438) 21442.
  • Public Hospital Prof. DR. H. Aloei Saboe, Jl. Prof.Dr.H.Aloei Saboe, GORONTALO. Phone. (0435) 821218.
  • Public Hospital Otanaha Gorontalo Region, Jl. Usman Isa, GORONTALO. Phone. (0435) 822151.
  • Public Hospital Bau-bau Region, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 20, BAU-BAU. Phone. (0402) 21803.

Post Office

  • Main Post Office Makassar, Jl. Slamet Riyadi No. 10, MAKASSAR, kode pos 90000.
  • Main Post Office Manado, Jl. SamRatulangi No. 23, MANADO, kode pos 95000.
  • Main Post Office Palu, Jl. Moh Yamin, PALU, kode pos 94000.
  • Main Post Office Kendari, Jl. Dr Sam Ratulangi No. 79, KENDARI, kode pos 93000.
  • Main Post Office Gorontalo, Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 16, GORONTALO, kode pos 96100.

Police Office

  • City Office Area Makassar, Jalan Sultan Hasanuddin, MAKASSAR, Phone. (0411) 423287.
  • Regional Police North Sulawesi, Jl. Bethesda No. 62, MANADO, Phone. (0431) 862019.
  • Regional Police Central Sulawesi, Jl. DR. Samratulangi No. 78, PALU, Phone. (0451) 421555.
  • Regional Police South East Sulawesi, Jl. Haluleo No.1, KENDARI, Phone. (0401) 391555.
  • Regional Police Gorontalo, Jl. Limboto Raya No. 17, GORONTALO, Phone. (0435) 838536.

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