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Limboto Lake Tour At Gorontalo

Sunset at Limboto Lake, Gorontalo

Limboto Lake is a lake with 3000 hectares wide, and becomes the estuary of Molalahu, Daenaa, Alo, Bionga, and Bone Bolango rivers. This lake is located in Gorontalo district, Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, which is also the biggest lake in the district. The depth of the lake now is 8 m only. This only-few-meters depth lake makes Limboto unlike any other lakes which usually has natural shape.

Tour Object

Lotus plants at Limboto LakeThis lake has muddy characteristic which becomes the habitat of water plant like lotus, water hyacinth, and “gelagah” (wild sugarcane). The existence of these plants makes Limboto Lake like a beautiful giant pool. Tourist who comes to visit it can do fishing, and the best visit time is in the morning and afternoon. The scenery when the sun is setting is so lovely at Limboto Lake.

If tourist comes to visit it at afternoon, besides the wonderful sunset view, they would see bunch of wild bird fly across the lake. The beauty of Limboto Lake is even more gorgeous when the flower season comes. The water plants which live in the lake will blossoming and spread a sweet smelling. If those plants are blossoming in the same time, the surface of Limboto Lake will be full of flowers, which will make the Limboto Lake even prettier.

Boat on Lake LimbotoAfter finishing in enjoying the beauty of this tour object in Gorontalo, tourist may taste the delicious roasted fish which will make you hungrier. The local people are work as fisherman, and they sell those fishes. Those fishes are “gabus”, “mujair”, and “nila” fish (these are local fish which can be found in Indonesia). The roasted fish can be consumed with “dabu-dabu” (Sulawesi traditional chilly sauce) chilly sauce while you enjoying the lovely Limboto Lake scenery.


Limboto lake tour object is located in Limboto sub district, Gorontalo, Sulawesi.


Because of the closeness to Gorontalo city and Jalaludin Airport, makes the Limboto lake is easy to reach. Its only 16 km from the airport, and tourist can use public transport, like taxi or rented cars who usually available around the airport.

Ticket price

Tourist don’t have to pay for ticket to visit Limboto Lake

Facility and accommodation

There are boat rental that you can use to enjoy the lake’s view. If you wish to go around the lake in “Kayudurian” village, you can use the same boat, but with different price, depends on your bargain.

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