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The Charm of Linow Lake

The changing colors and the high sulfur level are two of characteristics of Linow Lake in Sulawesi Indonesia. This lake is 34 hectares, and the changing colors is depend where we see it and depend on the lighting as well. Around the tour object, there are “blibis” bird and flying insects. Local people called the insect “sayok/komo”. These insects are thousands and quite unique because it’s also consumed by local people who live around the lake.

Tour Object

Linow lake views, north Sulawesi.Beside the lovely scenery of the lake, it also has unique other characters. The colors will always change and it has high level of sulfur. These two points are the main attraction of Linow Lake, which often triggers tourists’ curiosity. Especially at school holiday, this lake will be highly visited by local tourist.

a place of rest in the Linow lake, Tomohon.In the tour object, tourists can do walking to see the beauty of the lake. There are also some points as resting point complete with chair and table. If you really want to be comfortable and relax, there’s a field covered with green grass in the edge of the lake which can be used as tourism area with your family.

view of the linow lake attractions Linow, north SulawesiIf you’re lucky, you can see group of big white bird across the lake. Please remember there’s hot mud puddle in the edge of the lake. It’s very recommended for tourists to stay alert while visiting this lake.



Linow Lake is located in Minahasa, Tomohon district, north Sulawesi.


if you come from Sam Ratulangi airport, you can go straightly to Tomohon by public transportation from Tomohon bus terminal for less than 37 km. after you got near the lake, you can continue the trip by walking around 1 km to the lake location

Ticket Price

Facility and Accommodation

There’s still so limited facility and accommodation tour objects in north Sulawesi. There’s a wide parking lot and bathroom and an inn. Some hotels near Linow Lake which are recommended are Onong’s Palace Resort and Highland Resort and Spa. If you need more info, you can contact North Sulawesi tourism and culture government bureau, in Jl Diponegoro no 111, Manado 95112. Phone 0341-851835, 851732. Fax 0341-851730

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