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Black Sand of Lombang-Lombang Beach

Lombang-lombang beach at Mamuju

Mamuju has beach line which spread for about 415 km. this beach line is located in the west coast of Sulawesi. One of beaches included in this west coast is Lombang-lombang beach. This beach is a favorite tour object for local people of Mamuju.

Lombang-lombang beach is located around 30 km from Mamuju. The beach is managed by local government and local people, so this beach is clean and garbage free.

Tour Object

Lombang-lombang Beach West Sulawesi

This still-natural beach is perfect for you who’d like to relax and to lose tired. The natural atmosphere that you find in Lombang-lombang beach might not be found in other Sulawesi’s beaches. With the soft black sand, the beach which is spread about 5 km will give tourist more room to have activities.

The activities you can do in this beach are playing sand, beach volley, or just simply sit with your friends. Lombang-lombang beach also has calm wave so it fits for you who want to do snorkeling or swimming.

Black Sand of Lombang-lombang Beach Sulawesi

After doing various activities here, you can relax while enjoying the soft blowing wind and the voice of crushing wave, in the gazebo which lined up along the beach. These gazebos are intentionally built to face the sea, so tourist can enjoy the beauty of the sunset.


Lombang-lombang beach tour object is located in Sinyonyoi subdistrict, Mamuju district, west Sulawesi province.


From Mamuju airport, you can take public transportation or rent a car to reach Lombang-lombang beach. This will take more or less half hour.

Ticket Price

Facility and Accommodation

In the beach location, there are floating device (made from tire) rental for IDR 5,000/ pc. There’s also bamboo bed rental that you can use to relax or to put your and your family’s stuffs. The rental price for the bamboo bed is IDR 25,000/pc. Many souvenirs are also available here. For gift, you can buy Mamuju peculiar fruit: sweet orange.

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