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Lombongo Hot Water Bathing Place

Bathing and Lombongo Waterfall

Bathing place which located in the middle of a forest, will usually serve you cool sensation. Unlike with Lombongo hot water bathing place in Bone Bolango district, Gorontalo, this bathing place is a hot water bathing place situated in the middle of a tropical forest. This bathing place is one of tour objects in Nani Wartabone National Botanical Garden.

Tour Object

Lombongo Hot Water Bathing Place, GorontaloSituated in the middle of green nature of Lombongo village, Lombongo hot water bathing place is also take you to the hot water sensation. In this bathing place, you can find two hot water pools with wide 500 m2, and 1-2 m depth. In this pool, you can soak and relax while enjoying the green tropical rainforest.

Lombongo Hot Water Swimming PoolLombongo Bathing Place is a natural hot water bathing place from hot water source. Gorontalo land is volcanic land, hence many hot water source are spread around the village of Duwano. Some of them are flown, and become water source of the bathing place. Hot water source is rich of mineral like sulfur. So, soaking in Lombongo Bathing Place will make your skin healthy.

For you who want to enjoy the mountain cool air, in this location also available cool water pool from nearby water source.

In addition, the surround scenery will also calm you. The thick tropical rainforest surrounds the bathing place, so you can soak yourself while enjoying the green, cool scenery. In some corners, you will also see some hills covered with green savanna.

Lombongo Waterfall, GorontaloLombongo Bathing Place is a tour asset, pride of Gorontalo province. In this bathing place, are often held traditional events. If you are a culture lover, it’s suggested for you to look for information on the event schedule which will be held in this place. By doing this, you won’t miss the chance to relax in the bathing place while enjoying traditional show. Info about traditional events can be obtained from Gorontalo government tourism office or from Manager Office of Lombongo Hot Water Bathing Place.

After soaking and relaxing, you can continue your tour by enjoying the cool nature of Lombongo waterfall and Boliohuto River. These two places are still the area of Nani Wartabone National Park, and it’s not far fro Lombongo bathing place.


Lombongo hot water bathing place is located in Lombongo village, subdistrict of Suwawa, Bone Bolango district, Gorontalo. Its about 19 km east side of Gorontalo city and 8 km east side of Suwawa subdistrict.


Lombongo hot water bathing place can be reached from Gorontalo city by personal/public transport, which will take around 30 minutes. If you come from Suwawa sub district, you can get to this bathing place only in 10 minutes.

Ticket Price

Ticket price to this tour object is IDR 2,000/person

Facility and Accommodation

In this bathing place, you can find information center, toilet, change room, and some stores provide some snack. For accommodations, there are some recommended hotels near Lombongo bathing place in Gorontalo city, which are Magna Hotel by Prasanthi, and New Rachmat hotel.

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