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Relaxing At Pentadio Resort

Pentadio Resort, Sulawesi island

stone monument at Pentadio Resort

One of mainstays tour object in Gorontalo, Sulawesi is Pentadio Resort. Pentadio itself comes from Gorontalo language, which means beach-lake. It located in the edge of the wonderful Limboto Lake which is also one of tour object in Gorontalo. Pentadio Resort has 14 hectares wide and has been inaugurated by the Dutch government in 1928. This thing can be seen from the stone monument which is in the hot water bathing place in Pentadio Resort area. Since then, local people has made it into tour object.

Tour object

Water parks in the area pentadio ResortThere’s spraying hot water bathing place in Pentadio Resort which contains sulfur. This hot water usually used by the visiting tourist to cure skin problems. Pentadio Resort also has some other facilities and activities you can find here such as swimming pool, warm water bathing place, fishing, water bike, and many others. There’s also pub and family karaoke for family occasion or with friends.


Pentadio Resort is located near Limboto Lake, precisely in Pentadio village, Telagabiru, Gorontalo province.


If you’re coming from Jalaludin, Gorontalo, airport, you can use personal / public transportation to reach this place. For your own comfort, it’s suggested to use personal/rental car. The trip will take around 1 hour. Before entering the area, you will see gate to enter the resort.

Facility and Accommodation

Some facilities available are restaurant and a quite comfortable parking lot. For accommodation, there’s cottage with fair facility with Gorontalo nuance. For you who want to bring some gifts, there’s souvenir shop available around Pentadio resort.

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