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Sa’dan River Rafting

Sa'dan river rafting

Tana Toraja is usually known for its custom and culture. But amongst the thick tropical rainforests and lines of hills slope in Tana Toraja, there’s Sa’dan River which challenge you to have extreme sport in it. In rafters community, Sa’dan River in Tana Toraja is famous for rafting.

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Sa'dan river headwater Latimojong mountSa’dan River or Saddang River is a river which split Tana Toraja, with 294 small rivers along its flow. Sa’dan River is the longest river in south Sulawesi province. This river spread out for 182 km long from high hilly land in Latimojong, and headed to Pinrang district (a district which located in the north west of Tana Toraja) and ended at Makassar strait. The average width of this river is 80 m, and it has quite strong stream and many huge rocks which spread along its flow.

River rafting Sa'dan, SulawesiIn a river, the location which has quite strong stream is called ‘cascade’. In Sa’dan River, there are many big cascades which categorized into grade III, IV, and V. It means, if you want to raft in this river, you have to own rafting experience at least till grade II. Below are big cascades names that can be found in Sa’dan River, and ranked based on the difficulty level:

  • Puru cascade
  • Photo-shop cascade
  • Lantak-lantak cascade
  • Nusa cascade
  • Lolok cascade
  • Pembuangan Seba cascade
  • Fitri cascade

The rafting on each cascade can be done one by one. But of you’d like to finish all those challenges, you will need approximately 2 days. Its quite challenging isn’t it?

If you decide to finish all routes in Sa’dan River, you can take a rest and stay the night along the river edge. Lantang is an inn in the shape of panggung house (one of Indonesian traditional houses shape, supported by 4 high pillars in each corner, so the house base doesn’t touch the ground)

In Lantang, you can enjoy the natural atmosphere around the river, and you can continue your river adventure in the next day.

As info, to enjoy the strong Sa’dan river stream sensation by rafting in it, December is the perfect month to do.

River Sa'dan SulawesiWhen you begin to explore Sa’dan River by rubber boat, don’t forget to mind the river edge, because you will be accompanied by the magnificent view along the river side.  You will see wild animals in the green tropical rainforest, lines of hills with rug of green grass, and various kinds of plants and animals in the forest around the river. You’ll also meet with tough cliffs along the river side which will complete your rafting sensation.

After those lovely activity and panorama, your trip will end at Pappi village, Enrekang district, central Sulawesi.

It’s suggested for you to have a fit condition before you’re doing this extreme sport. Don’t panic and keep calm while you’re on the rubber boat. Don’t forget to listen every instruction from the instructor. Try to keep you electronic devices in waterproof places.


Sa’dan River is situated in Tana Toraja district, south Sulawesi, around 240 km in the north side of Makassar city. If you want to have adventure in Sa’dan River, rafting usually begin from Buakayu village, Rantepao district, Tana Toraja. While the finish of rafting route is in Pappi village, Enrekang district, central Sulawesi.


From Makasar city, you can reach Tana Toraja by land transportation or plane. It will take 8 hours by land transport, and 2 hours by plane. The flight to Tana Toraja can only be done by small plane.

From Tana Toraja, the trip continued by land transportation to Rantepao city. From Rantepao, the next trip is continued to Buakayu village for about 3 hours.

Ticket Price

Facility and Accommodation

There’s river guide available here, also Sa’dan river rafting package, with complete equipment and instructor. The equipment can be used with cost USD 250/person for foreign tourist, or IDR 1,250,000 for local one. If you want to stay the night around the rafting area, there are some hotels near Sa’dan river, like Luta Resort Toraja, and Pison Tana Toraja Hotel.

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