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Saluopa Waterfall and Tropical Forest

Panorama of Sauopa waterfall, central sulawesi

One of interesting tour objects in central Sulawesi is Saluopa Waterfall. This waterfall is also known as Saluopa Water Slide. This waterfall has 12 levels and in each level there’s stone stairway that can be used by visitors to access the waterfall’s level.

bridge in Saluopa waterfallThere are many fauna and tropical forest around the waterfall. When you pass it, you will be welcomed by the tropical forest dweller’s voice. Besides passing tropical forest, you will also pass a bridge to go to the waterfall.

Tour Object

Saluopa waterfall, central SulawesiSaluopa waterfall has a very clean and clear water, which make the stones which passed by it can be clearly seen. The stone stairway, even it’s touched by water and also moldy, it doesn’t get slippery. Beside as an access to waterfall’s level, you can use it to take pictures. The background of Saluopa waterfall and sometimes there’s rainbow rise in it, will make a perfect background for your pictures.


Saluopa waterfall tour object is located in Tonusu village, north Pamona, Poso, central Sulawesi.


The waterfall is located less than 12 km in the west side of Tentena city. If you’re from Tentena, you can use personal car or public transportation. After it, you need to walk about 500 m.

Ticket Price

Facility and Accommodation

If you want to stay the night around Saluopa waterfall, you better stay overnight in Tentena. The recommended hotel near Saluopa waterfall is Ue datu Cottages.

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