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Sunset at Talise Beach

Talise beach, Palu, central Sulawesi.

Central Sulawesi, precisely in Palu city, has famous tour object mainstay, called Talise Beach. This beach spread from Palu to Donggala which lay in the tip of Palu Bay. Beside beach, tourist can also enjoy the lovely view of the bay and mountain. Talise Beach is highly visited by local/foreign tourist in the afternoon and evening. They usually want to see the sunset in this beach. After enjoying sunset, tourist will spend the night by tasting various kind of food which sold along the beach with blinking lights from fisherman’s boat and the flow of the fresh air. Beside in the afternoon and evening, this beach also highly visited at Sunday morning.

Tour Object

sunset at Talise BeachMany attraction and specialty from Talise beach, one of them is the beauty panorama. Tourist can do many water sports such as wind surfing, sky air, swimming, diving, snorkeling, fishing, and many more. In the afternoon, tourist will be served a beautiful sunset because sun will set between Gawalise mount nearby the beach.

Evening on the Talise Beach In the evening, tourist will be spoiled by the colorful twinkling lights from the sailing fisherman’s boat, and also by the softly blowing wind and various traditional food of Palu. Some of those foods are “pisang epek” (epek banana), sarabba, fried banana, roasted corn, and so on.

Palu IV bridge, SulawesiNot far from Talise beach, tourist can see the yellow Palu IV bridge. If you feel bore of this place you can visit “Taman Ria” beach which only 3 km from this beach. Here you can taste Palu traditional foods such as kaledo, uvempoi, uta dada, and many others.


Talise beach is located along Rajamoli street to Cut Mutia Street, Palu, central Sulawesi.


It’s so easy to reach Talise beach, because it’s near to Palu city. If you’re from Palu airport, which is only 4 km, you can use public/personal transportation.

Facility and Accommodation

Because it located in the middle of the city, tourist who visits this beach will be easily found facility and hotel accommodation which near to the Talise Beach. In more or less 1 km, you’ll be able to find hotel/ inn. Some hotels near Talise beach that recommended are Santika Palu Hotel and Palu City Hotel.

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