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Travelling Tips to Sulawesi

Travelling Tips to Sulawesi

Sulawesi island is included to be a unique island. The uniqueness can be seen from geographical factor where many beautiful yet wonderful places can be found here. Beside, the people and the culture are another uniqueness of this island. The special culture of Sulawesi people such as Bugis and Toraja is included to be one of protruding culture richness that owned by Indonesia. The culture products start from traditional clothes, traditional food, weapon, to custom ceremonies are special things that will enrich your knowledge and perception. Of course, this thing will amaze you too.

There are so many place that you can visit in Sulawesi. Hence, to visit this island, the most important and main thing is your preparation or planning. Arrange your planning and preparation before you start trip to Sulawesi. Below are the tips :

Travel route

First, decide which places you’d like to visit. Make sure that you have enough info about those places. The one you need to pay attention is the travel route to reach those destinations. The info that you have about the places will support your travel route planning. Because the Sulawesi’s geographical factor is included to be unique, and perhaps, the tour places you’d like to see is having distance between.

Asking Information

Information about those tour places are also needed because the facilities in Sulawesi island is likely limited, like bank, ATM machine, hotels, and public transportation. Thus, you can make sure where you have to stay and spend the night. Because most of tour places is far from hotels and inn. After you got in to hotel/ inn, try to cross check information about the planning and the preparation you’ve made before. Don’t hesitate to ask or even afraid to ask people you meet like hotel receptionist, or waitress at restaurant, or the taxi motor driver. Those people’s appearance will might look a bit frightening, but they actually nice people which will gladly help you. Some info about those facilities can be found in Hotel and Accomodation.

Prepare enough change cloth for you if you will take trip to tour places by sea. Don’t hesitate to bring cash money because the tour places might be far from bank facility or ATM. The majority places in Sulawesi don’t have any bank or ATM facility.

Keep Your Stamina

Another important thing is your physical condition. You might have estimated your spare time and financial thing to go to vacation, but don’t forget to also prepare your physical condition. After you got into a hotel in Sulawesi, and crosschecked the info u have, you will know the real condition in Sulawesi. As info, transportation infrastructure in Sulawesi hasn’t spread all over, and the public transport that usually operating is a bit different. In this Sulawesi island, you will get a unique trip experience.

"Ketinting" ship SulawesiOne of unique transportation means in Sulawesi island is Ketinting boat. Ketinting boat is kind of fisherman boat with balancing wood chip in both side, with sticked-motor as the mover. There are two kinds of ketinting boat, which are roofed ketinting, and unroofed ketinting. For a glance, it does looks like small fisherman boat, but ketinting is used by people of Sulawesi in their daily life as transportation means amongst the islands. Hence, it’s suggested for you to keep your physical condition so your trip will runs well.

Happy travelling to Sulawesi island !

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