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Wooden House of Woloan Village

Wooden House of Woloan Village

Sulawesi island is a very rich island of culture, art and tourism object. One of its culture products is wooden house crafts of Woloan village. Located in Woloan village, in Central Tomohon sub district, North Sulawesi, you will find wooden house craft complete with its making process.

Tour Object

Typical wooden house of Minahasa.For you who like craft tour, Woloan village is a suitable object to be visited. This village has been well known for the wooden house craft through Indonesia and foreign countries. Crafters in Woloan village have received orders from various cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta and Bali, and some countries in Europe like Netherlands and France. The wooden house is well known because it has good quality and the sell value is pretty promising. Some of the wooden houses are used as personal residence, and also functioned as cottage / bungalow for tourism entrepreneur.

The main material of wood mostly comes from Palu, Central Sulawesi. But some also come from south east Sulawesi. Type of wood that is used to make the house is “cempaka” and “meranti” wood. “Cempaka” and “meranti” wood has soft line thread, not easy to break, and has soft texture.

Wooden Houses in the Woloan villageThe wooden house made by Woloan crafters is unique because this house is knocked down, as in “Joglo” house (Javanese traditional house). Though it has very few carving in its design, but it has Minahasa design characteristic, and designed as a “panggung” house in Sumatra. If you interested, you can buy it straightly in Woloan village. No need about shipping and assembling, because the wooden house will be sent to your address along with the assembler.

After you’re satisfied enjoying the Minahasa wooden house craft, you can enjoy the beautiful Lokon mount view. In the food of the mount, there’s vegetable field, in Kakaskasen village. Lokon mount itself is located in the north side of Woloan village and it’s a prime tourism object owned by local government.


Wooden house craft of Minahasa can be found in Woloan village, Central Tomohon sub district, Tomohon city, north Sulawesi.


To reach Woloan village, you can use “mikrolet” (a typical public transportation), in 15 minutes. It will be more comfortable if you use personal car.

Ticket Price

To enter Woloan village, you don’t charge for any ticket at all.

Facility and Accommodation

Shipping facility is used for tourist who order wooden house. Shipping service being offered is by sea/ land. Land route is for Sulawesi area, and the long duration depends on the destination. For you who want to stay longer in Tomohon, you can stay overnight at nearby hotel in Tomohon, such as Lokon Boutique Resort and Highland Resort & Spa.

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